Our 15 Favorite Rae Dunn Gifts Available Online

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September 25, 2019
Looking for the perfect gift for someone? Take a look at Rae Dunn, a designer who has many beautiful and simple lines. She has huge groups of fans and collectors (known to go Rae Dunn hunting) and we are right there with them. We love her work as well and with so many different gift items to choose from, there's a Rae Dunn gift for everyone.

It's no secret that Rae Dunn products are widely available at a variety of retailers and savings can be found by purchasing them at TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, and similar stores. Today our post is focused on Amazon finds, which are available to easily order if you're really in the mood for a particular Rae Dunn piece or want to purchase a Rae Dunn gift for a lucky friend. Here are some of our favorite Rae Dunn gifts...

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1. A Rae Dunn pitcher makes a gift that a recipient can use time and again. Next time they host a party or just have friends over for lunch, they'll be happy you gave them this adorable Rae Dunn "Pour" pitcher. It's 8.5 inches high and holds 42 oz of liquid. Shop the Rae Dunn "Pour" pitcher: Rae Dunn by Magenta POUR 42-oz. Pitcher

2. Need a gift for the chef in your life? Many people (particularly those who love to cook) who like to grab a pinch of salt or pepper will really utilize these lidded Rae Dunn Salt and Pepper Cellars. Note they are not shakers, but leave them on your kitchen counter and you can use your fingers or a small scoop to dispense them. Shop this Rae Dunn Salt and Pepper set: 

3. Give the gift of organization! We love this farmhouse style desk organizer by Rae Dunn. With six compartments and it rotates, this will keep your gift recipient's desk tidy without taking up a bunch of space. It also comes in a light stain, if that matches their decor better. Shop the Rae Dunn rotating desk organizer: Rae Dunn by Designstyles Rotating Decorative Organizer – Steel Desktop Stationary Spinner Holder - 6 Compartment Table, Dresser and Counter Top Pen and Pencil Cup - Office, Home and Art Supplies

4. Give someone you love a little boost each day with this adorable Rae Dunn Mug. They can start their day on positive note with the "Strength" mug by Rae Dunn. We love all of her mugs, but if we had to choose this one would be one of our top picks! Shop the Rae Dunn Strength Mug:  

5. Another way to stay organized in a stylish way is through this galvanized metal and wood mail sorter by Rae Dunn. If your gift recipient loves a farmhouse or industrial style, than mail sorter may be a great choice. It also works for books, magazines, folders, etc. Shop the Rae Dunn mail sorter: Rae Dunn Desktop Letter Holder – 2 Compartment Mail and Stationary Table Top Organizer – Chic and Stylish Steel and Solid Wood - “Letters” Print - for Home and Office

6. Since a spoon rest tends to live next to your stove on a permanent basis, it's good to have one that you love! This "stir" spoon rest by Rae Dunn makes a great gift or is perfect for your own kitchen! At a nice size of 10X4.5 we see clean counters in your future. This is also great for a party if you need to leave a utensil next to a bowl or crock pot. Shop the "stir" spoon rest by Rae Dunn: Rae Dunn by Magenta STIR Ceramic Spoon Rest

7. Headed to a wedding or bridal shower? Pick up these sweet bride and groom Rae Dunn mugs to give to the newlyweds. You can give them just as they are, or if you're looking for a little something extra, you could put them in a coffee or tea themed basket or give these alongside a gift of money for something unique, yet practical. Shop this Rae Dunn wedding gift: Rae Dunn set of two mugs - Bride and Groom

Show your friend or family member how thankful you are for them with the gift of a Rae Dunn "thankful" or "blessed" galvanized wall sign.

8. Shop this industrial style "thankful" sign: Rae Dunn Decorative Plaque – Galvanized Steel Wall or Door Sign with “Thankful” Print – Vintage Style Décor for Home or Garage – Easy to Mount

9. Shop this Rae Dunn "Blessed" farmhouse style sign: Rae Dunn Decorative Plaque – Galvanized Steel Wall or Door Sign with “Blessed” Print – Vintage Style Décor for Home or Garage – Easy to Mount

10. Whether you're thinking of using these in a pantry or on the counter, there are so many Rae Dunn canisters to chose from! From spaghetti to biscuits, coffee, rice, tea and more, pick up a few for yourself or your most organized friend.  Shop Rae Dunn canisters: Rae Dunn Tin Storage Box

11. We love this striped Rae Dunn laundry basket on wheels as a baby shower gift or for a bridal shower. It's stylish, practical and made of industrial-style, quality metals. Shop this Rae Dunn laundry basket on wheels: Rae Dunn Heavy Duty Laundry Hamper on Wheels - by Designstyles
12. And ... if you want to pair it with an sweet laundry sign to add to the gift a bit! Shop this Rae Dunn galvanized "Wash. Dry. Fold" Laundry sign: Rae Dunn Decorative Laundry Room Plaque – Galvanized Steel Wall or Door Sign with “Wash Dry Fold” Print – Vintage Laundromat Style Décor for Home Washroom or Garage – Easy to Mount

13. We love the colors and patterns on these beautiful Rae Dunn measuring set. Perfect for anyone who loves to cook, or doesn't love to cook, but loves gorgeous kitchenware! Shop: Rae Dunn Magenta 5 Piece Stoneware Measuring Spoon Set

14. A sweet treat ceramic canister for your favorite dog or dog lover! This Rae Dunn dog treat container is an adorable way to store treats any place in the house. Shop this Rae Dunn treat jar: 

15. And for the true Rae Dunn fan, the gift of her book will inspire their creativity. Shop Rae Dunn's book: In Pursuit of Inspiration: Trust Your Instincts and Make More Art (Creativity Exercises, Art Book for Artists Techniques)

Tell us... what is your best Rae Dunn find, and where did you get it? What is your favorite Rae Dunn piece? What would you add to this list? 

Top 10 Wall Decals For A Girl Nursery or Girl Bedroom

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September 20, 2019
Wall decals have come a long way in the past few years. The selections are endless and materials have evolved. Some of the wall decals are so intricate they look like they have been hand-painted on the wall. Or, if you lay them out in certain ways they resemble wallpaper. We love them because they are usually less expensive than wallpaper or wall murals. They are also low commitment and, depending on the way they adhere to the wall, good for renters. Today we are looking at our favorite wall decals for a girl nursery.

Our quick tips for shopping for wall decals:

- Make sure the type of decal you are purchasing will adhere correctly to your walls. For example, some types of paint or textured walls do not hold certain types of decals.
- If you think you'll want to move them around or relocate with them, make sure they are movable.
- Watch your measurements to make sure you'll achieve the look you want on your walls. For example, if you're using a tree decal, will it be too short or tall? Or, if you are doing a series of flowers or dots, will you need to order two packages to get right amount for your space?
- Think about how you will hang them and plan it out in detail in advance. Even if they are movable, it is usually better if you do not need to move them.

This page contains affiliate links meaning we earn a commission if you use those links, at no additional cost to you. For more details, visit our disclosure page.

1. These spring pink and mint blooms are modern and cheerful floral wall decals by Simple Shapes. They come in a variety of color combinations, including: summer red and yellow, romantic pink and grey (pictured above in the "tips" section), pastel blue and lilac and chic coral and mint. Shop this flower wall decor: Simple Shapes Kids Flower Wall Sticker - Spring Pink and Mint Blooms
2. Who doesn't love a mermaid bedroom?? These mermaid wall decals in pink, green and gold are glittery and fun. Since they are clings, it's our opinion that they go best over a white wall or lighter color paint. Shop these mermaid wall decals: RoomMates Mermaid Peel And Stick Wall Decals With Glitter

3. These floral wall decals are sweet and romantic and look like they are painted with watercolor. This is a timeless design for a pink girl nursery or older girl bedroom.  They are reposition-able and will not damage walls. Shop these watercolor flower wall decals: Modern Maxwell Wall Art Decals for Girls Nursery, Bedroom, Living Room “Emmy” Floral Room Sticker 56 Pieces

4. Simple, yet fun, we love the modern vibe to these circular wall decals. They remind us of bubbles and think they would looks great against a bright white wall or even a pale shade of pink. Shop these dotted wall decals: Create-A-Mural Polka Dot Wall Decals -Pastel Decor for Girls Room Stickers (Lilac,Pink,Mint) Vinyl Peel & Stick Nursery Decoration

5. The choices in size, style, font and color of a personalized name wall decal are endless! We love this one with the initial, but there are so many to choose from to match your girl nursery theme. Shop this girl name wall decal: Nursery Custom Name and Initial Wall Decal Sticker 28" W by 21" H, Girl Name Wall Decal, Girls Name, Wall Decor, Personalized, Girls Name Decor, Nursery Bedroom Baby Decor Plus Free Hello Door Decal

6. Watercolor dot wall decals can be scattered about (as shown) or placed in an organized, symmetrical way. If you do choose the latter, the wall decals will give the appearance of wallpaper. Shop these adorable watercolor dot wall decals: Modern Maxwell Wall Art Decals for Girls Nursery, Bedroom, Living Room “Lola” Dot Room Sticker 32 Pieces

7. These ice cream, donut and Popsicle wall decals are bright and fun! Whether you put them in a girl or boy room, nursery or playroom, they add a whimsical flair to the walls. Shop these ice cream wall decals (or the same seller has dessert decals and summer wall decals): TOARTi Watercolor Summer Holiday Wall Decals (46 Decals),Fresh Leaf& Flower Fruits Stickers for Fridge Decor, Ice Cream Wall Art for Baby Kids

8.  Birch trees and owls are popular and adorable wall decals, and this one is no exception. These owls come in several colors and the birch trees come in different sizes based upon your wall height. Shop this birch tree and owl wall decal for a boy or a girl nursery/room: Nursery Birch Tree Wall Decal Set With Owl Birds Forest Vinyl Sticker, Birch Tree Wall Decal, Birch Tree Decal Baby Boy Whimsical Owls (7 trees) #1321 (84" (7ft) Tall, White Trees, Pink Owls)

9. Add a touch of magic to your girl bedroom or girl nursery with unicorn and rainbow wall decals. In shades of pink, gold, purple and mint, these are sure to be loved by your little ones. These are also popular wall decals for a unicorn birthday party. Shop these unicorn wall decals: Unicorn Wall Decal,66pcs Unicorn Wall Decor Stickers Decals for Kids Rooms Gifts for Girls Boys Bedroom Nursery Home Party Favors

10. Lastly we thought we'd add something a little different to the list with some 3d butterflies. Pick your color (so many options to choose from) and let these beautiful butterfly wall stickers fly across your nursery or bedroom wall. Shop this butterfly wall art: DaGou Mixed of 12PCS 3D Pink Butterfly Wall Stickers Decor Art Decorations­

Tell us, what are your favorite styles or brands of wall decal? And, this "Top 10 Wall Decals For A Girl Nursery or Girl Bedroom" post may have been geared toward wall decals for girl's bedrooms or girl's nurseries, but of course these can be hung in any room, no matter who it belongs to!